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151. SMEs advised to seek business education
  Thursday, June 30, 2005  by Admin
  Small and Medium-size entrepreneurs are encouraged to seek business education and consultancy services so as to run their businesses efficiently.
152. Siku ya Mtoto wa Afrika
  Thursday, June 30, 2005  by Admin
  Siku ya watoto wa Kiafrika imekuwa ikisherekewa katika Afrika nzima kama nafasi ya kuleta ueleo kwa watu katika masuala yanayo athiri maisha ya watoto. Mada ya mwaka huu ni Watoto Yatima, Jukumu letu wote.
153. Post Graduate Diploma in Poverty Analysis Application for 2005/2006 Intake
  Monday, June 13, 2005  by Admin
  The Economic and Social Research Foundation and Research for Poverty Alleviation in partnership with the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Netherlands, are inviting applications for a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Poverty Analysis. Deadline for Application is 15th June 2005.
154. Govt tells youths to join fight against graft
  Tuesday, April 12, 2005  by Admin
  Tanga Youth Development Association (TAYODEA) has been called upon to reach out to more young people, both in and out of school, in the ongoing national anti-corruption drive.

Tanga Regional Administrative Secretary made the call at the weekend during the opening of a one-day anti-corruption education workshop for Tanga Municipality. It was organised by the association in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The seminar was intended to create awareness on the impact of corruption on the country’s development. The Office of the Vice-President is implementing the project.
155. Tamwa Organizes Media Workshop
  Thursday, March 31, 2005  by Admin
  TAMWA has organized a journalism-training workshop for its members to enhance their professional skills.The training will be followed by the 2005 AGM for its members on Saturday 2nd April 2005.
156. Give Africans education and they will fly high - Mkapa
  Friday, March 18, 2005  by Admin
  President Benjamin Mkapa, yesterday, at a ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the Aga Khan Academy – dubbed Centre of Academic Excellence – in Dar es Salaam, spoke about the importance of education to Africa, saying it would enable its people understand better their constitutional and political rights and that educated people were easy to lead.

157. The future of ICT in Secondary Schools - Strategizing for Implementation
  Monday, February 07, 2005  by Admin
  This is a narration of workshop held between 24th and 27th January 2005 on “The future of ICT in Secondary Schools- Strategizing for Implementation”. Stakeholders included students from five high schools, representatives from the Ministry of Communication and Transport, COSTECH, TTCL, TEA, the Open University of Tanzania, Swedish Embassy, TanEdu, and others more. Main agenda for the workshop was setting a foundation or strategies for integrating ICTs as a compulsory subject in Tanzanian secondary schools.
158. Appropriate Institutional Framework for Coordination of Indegenous Knowledge
  Monday, October 04, 2004  by Admin
  Unlike scientific knowledge, indigenous knowledge is derived from participation with others in everyday activities in a local "real life" setting. This knowledge is not documented but passed on from generation to generation verbally. This paper identifies problems concerning IK in Tanzania like lack of proper institutional framework for its coordination, proper legislation, etc.
159. Govt wants more vocational centres
  Monday, October 04, 2004  by Admin
  The government has urged stakeholders in career development to assist it in establishing more vocational training centres.

Opening a workshop on access to vocational education for poor people in the country in Dar es Salaam, Labour, Youth Development and Sports Deputy Minister Mudhihir Mudhihir said vocational training colleges had a major role to play in the community’s obligation to fight poverty.
160. Government commends local publishers
  Monday, September 13, 2004  by Admin
  The government has commended local publishers for improving qualitative education by preparing and publishing good and affordable books.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, the Acting Chief Education Officer of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Denis Bureta, said that the government owed a lot to local publishers in their hard work to improve education in the country, particularly at primary and secondary levels.

161. To Fight Poverty, East Africa Needs Supportive Policies
  Friday, July 30, 2004  by Admin
  In September 2000, the Millennium Summit in New York formally agreed to the Millennium Declaration, which set a global agenda for addressing peace, security and development.

Eight goals were set for eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education (UPE), promoting gender equity and empowering women.

162. Hotuba ya Waziri wa Elimu na Utamaduni Mhe. Joseph J. Mungai (MB) Kuhusu Makadirio ya Matumizi ya Fedha kwa Mwaka 2004/05
  Friday, July 09, 2004  by Admin
  Katika kutekeleza majukumu hayo Wizara inaongozwa na (a) Sheria ya Elimu Na. 25 ya 1978; (b) Sera ya Elimu na Mafunzo; (c) Sera ya Utamaduni; (d) Dira ya Maendeleo ya Tanzania 2025; (e) Mkakati wa Kupunguza Umaskini (MKU); na (f) Ilani ya Uchaguzi Mkuu wa Mwaka 2000 ya Chama Tawala cha CCM. Ili kuhakiki ubora wa elimu itolewayo katika shule zote nchini, Wizara huendesha ukaguzi wa shule na hutoa mitihani ya kitaifa ya Darasa la IV, VII; Vidato vya 2, 4 na 6 na mitihani ya Elimu ya Ualimu....

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