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151. 60 million girls
  Friday, September 23, 2005  by Admin
  Discrimination, conflict and the prohibitive, cost of school for poor families are depriving millions of girls of choice and opportunity. Around the world, millions of girls are missing out on opportunities brought about by education.
152. Tanzanian takes girls education case to UN
  Monday, September 12, 2005  by Admin
  A young woman from Bukoba is travelling to New York tonight to present the case of girls education to the United Nations Millennium +5 Summit.Lydia Wilbard ( 26) has been invited to give her testimony at the summit, which will review progress made over the last five years, towards meeting the goals to eliminate poverty.
153. Review article: The NEW African higher education?
  Tuesday, September 06, 2005  by Admin
  The financial and political vicissitudes that foreshadowed these reforms are all too familiar; the state of Africas universities has come to symbolize the African crisis more generally. These volumes give a flavour of the pragmatic,
technocratic and market-led approaches that these universities have adopted over the last decade. Necessity can be creative, and there is much to be praised about the reforms, which were already under way before the US foundations offered their support..
154. Prize Awarding Ceremony - EAC Students Essay Writing Competition
  Monday, August 29, 2005  by Admin
  The National Prize Awarding Ceremony for the winners of the Second East African Community Students Essay Writing Competition 2005 will take place today, 29th August 2005 at the Simba Hall of the Arusha Conference Centre.
155. Clinton launches tuition-free online education for Africa
  Friday, August 26, 2005  by Admin
  This visionary, youth-based program of tuition-free online education for Africa has won the backing of hundreds of North American leaders. The official launch of this programme will be on the 18th October 2005.
156. Education, Employment and Earnings of Secondary School-Leavers in Tanzania: Evidence from a Tracer Study
  Friday, August 26, 2005  by Admin
  Education, Employment and Earnings of Secondary School-Leavers in Tanzania: Evidence from a Tracer Study: The extent of information on labour market outcomes and the earnings of educated groups in Tanzania, and Sub-Saharan Africa more generally, are limited. This is particularly so for individuals who fail to gain access to wage employment and are required to rely on exploiting self-employment opportunities.
157. English in Tanzania an anatomy of hegemony
  Thursday, August 25, 2005  by Admin
  English in Tanzania an anatomy of hegemony:
This study is about the value of English and the social, cultural, economic and political consequences of its dominance in Tanzanian society. It is about how language (any) can be used to establish hegemony with the great assistance of education and other socio-economic, cultural and political structures.
158. Invest in education - Ngwandu
  Tuesday, August 23, 2005  by Admin
  "As we progress toward Federation, we will suffer if we don't educate our people", Dr. Pius Ng'wandu. This was said in Sumbawanga during a workshop to promte the Tanzania Education Authority and also enlighten education stakeholders on the authority's role in the region.
159. Planning and Implementing Open and Distance Learning Systems
  Monday, August 22, 2005  by Admin
  This book is one in a developing series of handbooks for practitioners in Open and Distance
Learning (ODL). The series covers the key roles and functions of ODL systems from the
practitioner perspective. The purpose is to give practitioners advice and guidance about their
tasks, functions and roles, and to enable practitioners to reflect on the critical issues they face.
160. Distance Education and Open Learning in Africa: What Works or Does Not Work
  Friday, August 19, 2005  by Admin
  This brief paper attempts to summarise the main lessons learnt in the process of establishing open learning and distance education systems in Africa. It focuses on what has or has not worked well, and proposes some measures that governments, institutions, organisations and individuals should take if Africa is to keep pace with the rest of the world in applying new and enhanced strategies for human resource development.
161. EDUCATION IN AFRICA: Colonialism and the Millennium Development Goals
  Wednesday, August 17, 2005  by Admin
  It is important to question a few realities as all 53 of Africa’s countries search for Universal Primary Education (UPE) by 2015 and ask why it will likely be closer to 2050 before this target is achieved.
162. Tanzania: Fighting for peace means fighting against poverty
  Wednesday, August 17, 2005  by Admin
  This report is an attempt at ventilating the vexing problem that some parties, involved in current issues of international significance, have suggested should be relegated to a position of relatively minor significance in light of the tragedy of last September 11. The bone of contention is: While addressing the issue of prevention of and defence against terrorism, would it not also be sagely advisable that precautionary measures of a preventative sort should be addressed and, if possible, universally institutionalized.
163. HakiElimu fosters societal approaches in education for the disabled question
  Monday, August 15, 2005  by Admin
  HakiElimu, an NGO promoting public participation in education governance organized a competition in collaboration with other partners to encourage people with disabilities to share problems facing them in the education system and suggest solutions. Some of the problems that emerged from the competition were discrimination and prejudice against children with disabilities, lack of appropriate school buildings, learning materials and teachers.
164. 7th International and Development Conference
  Monday, August 15, 2005  by Admin
  The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of the important issues related to language policy, learning and teaching in the context of the developing world, from the perspective of policy makers, language and literacy educators and donors. It will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from October 26 -28, 2005.
165. NEPAD E-School; Africa on the march
  Wednesday, August 10, 2005  by Admin
  The first phase of the e-initiative by the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) to connect all primary and secondary schools to the Internet in 10 years has taken off in Uganda. The aim of this pilot scheme is to improve access to education and equip young Africans with information and communication technology skills. Secondary schools are to adopt the programme in five (5) years and primary schools in ten (10).

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