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31. Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007
  Friday, March 16, 2007  by Admin
  Travel & Tourism is currently one of the world’s largest economic activities, it is the leading industry in many countries and the fastest growing economic sector in terms of job creation worldwide. The economic significance and potential of Travel & Tourism is particularly prominent in the developing world as it helps diversify economic activity and enables the creation of wealth and jobs in rural areas. The World Economic Forum Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report aims to explore the factors and policies driving travel and tourism competitiveness in nations worldwide.
32. Tourism could earn Tanzania more cash
  Monday, March 12, 2007  by Admin
  A just-released World Economic Forum report on the performance of 124 countries across the globe in respect of tourism competitiveness ranks Tanzania as one of the best ten in Africa.
Tanzania comes 80th on the global scene while its neighbours Kenya and Uganda are ranked 98th and 101st, respectively. Tunisia is the proud leader in Africa at position 34th, followed by Mauritius at 39th.
33. How can governments boost the local economic impacts of tourism? Options and tools
  Wednesday, February 14, 2007  by Admin
  In October 2006, SNV and Rwanda’s ORTPN hosted a regional tourism workshop drew on ‘action research’ by SNV advisors, SNV partners and advisors from East and Southern African countries, including Tanzania. This report draws on the workshop materials and discussions, intended to be of use to decision-makers in Africa, particularly in Government, who wish to harness tourism more effectively for local economic development.
34. Tourism Enriches
  Thursday, February 1, 2007  by Admin
  Every year the United Nations designates special days to commemorate particular events or activities. September 27th is the day for Tourism. Over the past half century, Tourism –travel for leisure and for business –has grown into a mainstream global activity. Today, Tourism is one of the largest, fastest growing industries and the dominant service sector.
35. Destinations World Tourism Forum
  Tuesday, October 17, 2006  by Admin
  To be held from November 29th - December 2nd, 2006 in Brazil.
36. Global Ecotourism Conference 2007
  Tuesday, October 17, 2006  by Admin
  The Global Ecotourism Conference 2007 will take place from May 14th - 16th, 2007 in Oslo, Norway.
37. The e-volution of Information Technology in Cultural Heritage
  Thursday, October 12, 2006  by Admin
  This conference provides an opportunity to exchange research results, opinions, experiences and proposals on the best practice and hi-tech tools from Information and Communications Technology to document, preserve, manage and communicate Cultural Heritage.
38. Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites: a Practical Manual for World Heritage Site Managers
  Thursday, October 12, 2006  by Admin
  Tourism is an important management issue at both natural and cultural World Heritage sites. It is an industry with well-known costs but also with the potential for aiding protection efforts. UNESCO recognizes this potential and are convinced that by engaging, and by taking appropriate actions at the different levels of the sustainable tourism process, tourism can be managed to generate net site benefits. This manual outlines a process to guide site managers toward this end.
39. E-Commerce for Development: eTourism as a showcase
  Tuesday, October 10, 2006  by Admin
  Despite the prevalent digital divide in most of developing countries, e-commerce is a reality, albeit at lower levels of the ladder, to some industries in these countries. Using Tanzanian tourism sector, the book demonstrates the extent which various ICTs are utilised in tourism value chain. The ICTs covered include online access as well as several Internet services such as worldwide web, type of websites, e-mails, file transfer protocol (ftp), intranet, extranet, and wireless application protocol (WAP).
40. Measuring and Reporting the impact of tourism on poverty
  Wednesday, August 30, 2006  by Admin
  This paper presents a brief review and critique of current ways of measuring and reporting the economic impacts of tourism on national economies. The paper argues traditional indicators such as international visitor arrivals and spend figures, tourism satellite accounts and multipliers are becoming less useful because they do not adequately highlight the development impact on local economies and poverty reduction.
41. Facilitating pro-poor tourism with the private sector – lesson from ‘Pro-Poor Tourism Pilots in Southern Africa’
  Wednesday, August 30, 2006  by Admin
  This paper is based on the experience of a three year project, 'Pro-poor tourism pilots, Southern Africa' (PPT Pilots), which ran from 2002-2005. It draws on the expertise, input and commitment of many people who made the project work. The aim of PPT Pilots was to work directly with pilot partners to help them implement pro poor tourism and to learn from their experience.
42. The tourism industry and poverty reduction: a business primer
  Wednesday, August 30, 2006  by Admin
  The tourism industry has established itself as one of the world’s major industries, one that offers opportunities for employment creation, local economic development and integration in to the international market. Many tourism companies claim that poverty reduction is not their business. This brief explains why poverty does matter to tourism businesses and describes what companies – both in the originating and destination countries – can do to contribute to the global effort on poverty reduction.
43. Tanzania to host international tourism conference
  Friday, July 21, 2006  by Admin
  Tanzania has agreed to host the eighth international meeting on tourism organised by the US based foundation Leon H Sullivan to be held in Arusha on May 2008. President Jakaya Kikwete who is in Abuja Nigeria attending the same meeting that runs for four days is expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the foundation indicating Tanzania’s acceptance to host the meeting.
44. A synthesis of utilisation of Information and Communication Technologies in Tanzanian Tourism System
  Tuesday, July 18, 2006  by Admin
  Globally, Tourism value chains for distribution of information as well as transaction flows are increasingly converging to the Internet. However, the extent to which the Internet technologies are being utilised in the tourism sector is yet to be determined. This is an abstract to a thesis report aimed at examining the extent of utilisation of the Internet technologies and open source software in the system; studying how to improve the tourism information systems and determining the main sources of information used by international tourists who visit the villates practising rural tourism
45. Arusha Tourism Fair to Become Regional Event
  Thursday, June 29, 2006  by Admin
  The East African Community secretariat is preparing a number of protocols that will see the annual Karibu Travel and Tourism Fair become a joint event of the three member states.


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