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31. Tanzania to participate in World Trade Week 2007
  Monday, May 21, 2007  by Admin
  World Trade Week NYC is a national celebration proclaimed each year by the President of the United States. On May 21, Tanzania will serve as "Coffee Break Sponsor" whereby Tanzanian coffee stakeholders will have an opportunity to showcase a variety of coffee from Tanzania and Forum participants will be served with high quality Tanzanian coffee.
32. BET declares coming DITF will be trendy
  Wednesday, May 16, 2007  by Admin
  The groundwork for next month`s 31st Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) has reached meaningful stages and it seems the show will attract participants from as many countries as ever before.
33. Trade delegation from Mauritius in Dar on business
  Tuesday, April 24, 2007  by Admin
  A delegation of 20 businesspersons from Mauritius is in Tanzania to explore potential business opportunities in the country.
34. Export Import Africa Expo
  Friday, March 02, 2007  by Admin
  With globalization and increasing international competition the current realities of the global landscape, ExportAfrica's organisers are also proud to launch the second ImportAfrica. By running this expo alongside ExportAfrica, visitors are given a balanced view of their trading environment. The Export Import Africa Expo will take place between 23rd - 26th May 2007, Midrand, South Africa.
35. Increasing business by going online
  Monday, January 15, 2007  by Admin
  Entrepreneurial drive can strive against all odds as long as the drive to succeed is there. By adopting high-tech tools, one entrepreneur has increased demand for her products and watched her business grow.
36. Global Trade expansion and liberalisation: gender issues and impacts
  Monday, October 09, 2006  by Admin
  This was a study prepared for the Department for International Development (DFID) UK to asses the current state of knowledge about gender inequality and trade, to inform the development of policy in this area and to identify areas for future, policy relevant research.
37. Regional Trade Facilitation Programme
  Thursday, September 21, 2006  by Admin
  The Regional Trade Facilitation Programme (RTFP) is financed by the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) in order to contribute to the expansion of pro-poor trading activities as a way of reducing poverty in the southern Africa region. This Quarterly report highlights the achievements and activities undertaken in 2006.
38. Doing Business 2007
  Tuesday, September 19, 2006  by Admin
  Doing Business 2007: How to Reform is part of a series of reports investigating the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. It presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 175 countries.

39. The Dynamics of Returns to Education in Kenyan and Tanzanian Manufacturing
  Tuesday, August 29, 2006  by Admin
  Returns to education remain of central policy concern in developed and developing countries. Micro data on manufacturing employees in Kenya and Tanzania is used to estimate returns to education and investigate the shape of the earnings function between 1993 - 2001. In Tanzania, there is evidence of rising returns in the 1990s.
40. The Regional Trade Facilitation Programme - trade@work
  Tuesday, August 29, 2006  by Admin
  Trade Facilitation refers to measures which are intended to create more conducive conditions for trade to take place. This is belived to be cheaper, quicker and easier to transport goods across borders, than traders, investors and producers will respond positively and the region's peoples stand to benefit through more vibrant economies.
41. Regional Trade Facilitation Programme Quarterly Report
  Tuesday, August 29, 2006  by Admin
  The Regional Trade Facilitation Programme (RTFP) is financed by the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) in order to contribute to the expansion of pro-poor trading activities as a way of reducing poverty in the southern Africa region. This Quarterly report highlights the achievements and activities undertaken in 2006.
42. A Positive Agenda for Africa in Trade Facilitation Negotiations: The Case of Tanzania
  Monday, August 21, 2006  by Admin
  Over the last decade the importance of trade facilitation (TF) has increased dramatically. Reducing transaction costs, for instance, is an important aspect of alleviating the supply constraints plaguing African production and trade. This is a study on Tanzania Trade Facilitation (TTF-2005). The TTF study 2005 reviews the state of play of negotiations on trade facilitation in the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) from the national perspective. Some of the study objectives included Reviewing the trade facilitation programmes undertaken by and planned for Tanzania; Examining the relevance of reforms achieved (or expected) vis-a-vis the main proposals under discussion at the WTO; Comparing the reform achieved in regional integration programmes to that achieved in other Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed between the European Union (EU) and other regions, etc
43. Improving trade related capacity building in LDCs: lessons from a survey of initiatives in Tanzania and Eastern Africa
  Thursday, July 27, 2006  by Admin
  Using Tanzania as a case study, this paper examines the status quo of trade and investment related capacity building in Least Developed Countries (LDCs). On the basis of the observations, it outlines feasible strategies for improving the capacity of such countries to design, operationalise and sustain integrated frameworks for trade and investment related capacity building, with a special emphasis on education and training. The paper defines trade and investment related capacity building as a range of measures that aim to support developing countries to improve their ability to participate more meaningfully in international trade and investments. It involves building physical and software infrastructure to facilitate trade and investments development, and creating a conductive environment through the establishment of the appropriate legal and regulatory framework.
44. The Impact of E-Commerce on Taxation
  Tuesday, July 18, 2006  by Admin
  Today, e-business is more pervasive and complex. The term e-business can be distinguished from e-commerce by the fact that e-business is broader and of a higher generation or rather a superset of e-commerce. In Tanzania there are no known studies made to establish the positive impact of e-commerce or e-business. In reality the positive impact of e-business outweigh the negative ones. However, there is a growing concern and fear by Revenue Administrators that companies using e-business could easily hide their earnings and thereby deny the Revenue Authority substantial revenue.
45. The Impact of China on Sub Saharan Africa
  Thursday, July 13, 2006  by Admin
  This paper presents a study on the impact of trade between China and Sub Saharan Africa countries which has been growing rapidly since 2001. A synthetic framework for assessing the impact involved three primary channels of transmission - Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Aid. This Focus was mainly on complementary-competitive dimension of impacts, and on the direct and indirect impacts. It also presents policy challenges posed by this growth of Chinese presence in Sub Saharan Africa.

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