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31. Denmark grants govt 410bn to support environemt sector
  Monday, July 16, 2007  by Admin
  Denmark has offered the government of Tanzania a total of 410bn for 2007-2012 to support the environment sector in the country. The Danish Ambassador to Tanzania said that the support would focus on implementation of the Environmental Management Act, urban environmental management and participatory forest management.
32. Tanzania to benefit from giant biogas project
  Thursday, June 28, 2007  by Admin
  Tanzania will be one of the beneficiaries of two million biogas plants to be constructed in Africa in the coming ten years. The project, "Biogas for Better Life Africa Initiative" is under the supervision of the Netherlands organization SNV.
33. World Environment Day 2007 - Tanzania Activities
  Monday, June 4, 2007  by Admin
  June 5th 2007 is World Environment Day. Tanzania marks this day with different activities organized by several organizations and forum - photo and video exhibitions, tree planting, dances, plays, etc.
34. World Environment Day: Theme - Melting Ice, A Hot Topic
  Monday, June 4, 2007  by Admin
  For World Environment Day 2007, Tanzania Forest Conservation Group will organize an event that will have activities such as drama, music and art displays about forests and climate change. The aim will be to raise awareness about the importance of conserving the Eastern Arc Mountain and the coastal forests, particularly in the face of climate change.
35. NEMC on environmentally clean beaches
  Monday, June 4, 2007  by Admin
  The National Environment Management Council (NEMC), in collaboration with the World Wide Fund (WWF) and other coastal environmental managements, has urged the society to keep their surroundings clean for the benefit of marine organisms.
36. Fund injects USD7m into forest conservation
  Thursday, May 31, 2007  by Admin
  The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) has announced that USD6.7m has now been committed to forest conservation projects in Tanzania and Kenya. The money is part of the seven-million dollar pledge made in 2004 to support conservation projects in the coastal forests and Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya and Tanzania.
37. Kihansi toads sent to US back by year end
  Tuesday, May 15, 2007  by Admin
  Over 400 endangered toads from Kihansi hydro-power sent to a US zoo for conservation are to be returned to the country at the end of this year.
38. Lake Victoria Region At Risk of Environmental Degradation
  Monday, April 23, 2007  by Admin
  "Lake Victoria is a fragile ecosystem and the international community must now come to its aid since urbanisation, pollution and overpopulation in towns surrounding it continue to degrade it' contributing to its slow death," said Anna Tibaijuka, the executive director of UN-Habitat.
Tibaijuka, speaking at the launch of phase three of the lake's City Development Strategies (CDS) in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, said the CDS aims to enable municipal authorities to address local environmental issues and urban poverty to achieve sustainable urbanisation by providing improved environmental planning and management policies.
39. Climate Change 2007: Climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability
  Thursday, April 19, 2007  by Admin
  This Summary sets out the key policy-relevant findings of the Fourth Assessment of Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Assessment is of current scientific understanding of impacts of climate change on natural, managed and
human systems, the capacity of these systems to adapt and their vulnerability1. It builds upon past IPCC assessments and incorporates new knowledge gained since the Third Assessment.
40. Catchment Ecosystems and Downstream - the value of water resources in the Pangani Basin, Tanzania
  Friday, March 2, 2007  by Admin
  This document presents the findings of in-depth research into the economic benefits of the various activities in the Pangani River Basin. Decisions about the management, allocation and use of water should ideally maximise economic outputs from basin water uses and water utilisation over the long term.
41. Swedish firm to produce new energy source
  Thursday, February 22, 2007  by Admin
  Tanzania will be the first country in Africa to consume an alternative energy source, ethanol, top officials of a company undertaking the project revealed yesterday. Executive Director of SEKAB told President Kikwete that trials on ethanol energy production, that uses sugarcane as raw material, were expected to start in September in Bagamoyo, Coast region.
42. Energy and Water Utilises Regulation Crucial to Quality
  Tuesday, February 13, 2007  by Admin
  The Tanzania government established the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) to regulate the electricity, petroleum, natural gas and water and sewerage, which have proved to be problematic over the years. Its function includes licensing, tariff review, monitoring performance and standards particularly quality, safety, health and environment.

43. Mobile phones: an appropriate tool for conservaton and development
  Monday, February 12, 2007  by Admin
  For mobile phones to bridge the digital divide, they must be considered alongside other ICTs in an integrated approach. This report looks at mobile phone technology on conservation and development initiatives in the developing world. It takes into account the integration between mobile phones and other ICTs, identifying ways in which mobile phones play a role in the digital divide debate.
44. 3rd East African Petroleum Conference
  Friday, February 9, 2007  by Admin
  The East African Community and its Partner States is organizing the EAST AFRICAN PETROLEUM CONFERENCE 07 to be held in Arusha, Tanzania, from 7th to 9th March 2007. This years conference theme is "Together unveiling the untaped oil and gas potential".

45. International trade in biofuels: good for development? and good for environment?
  Thursday, February 1, 2007  by Admin
  Biofuels are products that can be processed into liquid fuels for either transport or heating purposes. Biofuels are heating up debates and energising activities on many policy fronts. On the surface, they offer significant opportunities to pursue environment and development goals both globally and domestically. This briefing paper clarifies some of the following issues: whther fuel shortages will be replaced by food shortages – or by water shortages? Whether biodiverse landscapes will be replaced by ecological and economic monocultures?

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