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46. Third Global Knowledge Conference
  Thursday, November 01, 2007  by Admin
  The GK3 theme, "Emerging People, Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies" is a dynamic focus on the interplay, interface and interweaving of issues related to Knowledge for Development (K4D) and Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) within the context of our evolving societies, economies and technologies worldwide.
47. IADIS e-Commerce 2007 Conference
  Wednesday, October 31, 2007  by Admin
  The IADIS e-Commerce 2007 conference is a major international event for researchers, academics, industry specialists, practitioners & students interested in the advances in, and applications of, e-Commerce. This conference aims to cover both technological as well as non-technological issues related to this new business paradigm.
48. African leaders endorse ICT to cut poverty
  Wednesday, October 31, 2007  by Admin
  African leaders, at the 'Connect Africa Summit' in Rwanda, have unanimously agreed to improve access to information communication technology (ICT) to address the continents development shortfalls and cut poverty by 2012.
49. Costech says IT experts are undertilised in govt departments
  Tuesday, October 23, 2007  by Admin
  A senior official with the Commission for Science and Technology has said that Tanzania lacks experts in information technology (IT). "The government has very few IT experts; but what is worse is that we do not know how to utilise them properly".
50. Rural Access and Connectivity in Tanzania
  Wednesday, October 03, 2007  by Admin
  This report aims to raise awareness and contribute to sharing knowledge about the experiences and lessons learned with setting up and managing rural communication access centres, or telecentres in Tanzania.
51. The threat of technological protection measures to a development - oriented information society
  Tuesday, October 02, 2007  by Admin
  This policy brief explains the current international legal framework for developing country's protection and national experiences in their implementation. It highlights that developing countries should use the flexibilities available to narrowly implement anti-circumvention obligations in such a way that can reduce the threat they pose on access to knowledge.
52. Towards a Digital Agenda for Developing Countries
  Tuesday, October 02, 2007  by Admin
  Digital and internet content is the key to these opportunities - the cost of producing, copying and disseminating any piece of information approaches zero, and any person with access to the internet can be as powerful a distributor of information as a major company. The paper concludes that Digital and internet content presents developing countries with the opportunity to clearly determine in what way their development interests would be served.
53. Tanzania keen on tie-ups with Bangalore hospitals for telemedicine
  Thursday, September 20, 2007  by Admin
  Tanzania is planning to tie up with two Bangalore based hospitals to provide telemedicine service in Tanzania. Lions Club of Dar Es Salam is planning to tie up with Narayana Hrudayalaya and Manipal Hospital in Bangalore.
54. IST Africa 2008 Conference
  Monday, September 17, 2007  by Admin
  IST-Africa 2008, to take place in Windhoek, Namibia, 14 - 16 May 2008 is the third in this Annual Conference Series. IST-Africa 2008 is Hosted by the Government of Namibia through the Ministry of Education, Supported by the European Commission and Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE. Call for Papers will be published at the end of August, with a closing date of 09 November for online submission of full papers and workshop proposals.
55. Tanzania: City Launches Own Local Internet Exchange Point
  Monday, August 13, 2007  by Admin
  Arusha has just become the first non-capital urban center in East and Central Africa to have its own Internet Exchange Point, a physical infrastructure that allows different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect to each other and exchange local traffic between their networks by means of mutual peering agreements.
56. Banking & Communications Services for National Transformation
  Monday, July 23, 2007  by Admin
  The Tanzania ICT Expo and Conference 2007 will bring stakeholders from all sectors to witness the technological advancement the country has made in the last one year. The event will provide a platform for organizations to promote and launch their new and improved ICT products and services. Dates & Venue: 9-10 August 2007, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel.
57. 'Internet in a Box' Brings Information to Developing World
  Thursday, July 19, 2007  by Admin
  The University of Iowa has been trying to bring the benefits of the Internet to parts of the world where access is minimal and/or expensive. The university's WiderNet Project manages the eGranary Digital Library, which places Web resources on a server on university campuses in developing countries that have little or no Internet connectivity. The eGranary Digital Library manually updates its library at least twice each year on campus intranets in Africa, India, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan and Haiti.
58. e-Challenges e-2007
  Tuesday, July 03, 2007  by Admin
  The eChallenges e-2007 Conference & Exhibition takes place in The Hague, The Netherlands from October 24th to 25th, 2007. This is the 17th in a series of annual technology research conferences supported by the European Commission, which regularly attracts over 600 delegates from leading commercial, government and research organisations around the world to share knowledge and experience, lessons learnt and good practice in areas of applied Information Communication Technologies (ICT).
59. SANGONET: Applications for the Development Sector
  Tuesday, July 03, 2007  by Admin
  The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) Conference & Exhibition 2007 - ICTs for Civil Society Conference and Exhibition will take place from 17-18 July 2007 at the Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg. The theme of the 2007 event is "Applications for the Development Sector".
60. Web2forDev - Participatory Web for Development
  Thursday, June 28, 2007  by Admin
  Participatory Web for Development - Networking, collaborating and exchanging knowledge in agriculture, rural development and natural resources management. Web2ForDev 2007 is the first conference devoted to exploring the ways in which international development stakeholders can take advantage of the technical and organizational opportunities provided by Web 2.0 methods, approaches and applications.

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