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121. Germany, Tanzania in cooperation pact
  Tuesday, March 20, 2007  by Admin
  Tanzania and Germany yesterday signed bilateral development co-operation agreements for the latter to grant the country some 63.4m Euros, equivalent to 104,7bn. The development support will cover the key sectors of water, health and local governance in two major segments, namely technical cooperation and finance. A press statement released says the assistance is extended between the years 2006 and 2008.
122. Tanzania Maji Week - Coping with water scarcity
  Thursday, March 15, 2007  by Admin
  Tanzania will commemorate Maji week from 16th – 22nd March 2007 in all regions of the country. The climax will be 22nd March which is World Water Day declared by UN General Assembly in 1992. This year's theme - Coping with Water Scarcity - highlights the significance of cooperation and importance of an integrated approach to water resource management at both international and local levels.
123. Japan finances MKUKUTA sensitisation training
  Wednesday, March 14, 2007  by Admin
  Japan International Cooperation Agency is financing a training programme aimed raising awareness among civil society organizations, local government officials and councillors about the development targets outlined in the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) or MKUKUTA. The project is based on the assumption that these agents, once trained on MKUKUTA development clusters, would educate and mobilize support from the citizenry in both in rural and urban areas.
124. Worlds Great Inventors to Meet in Arusha
  Monday, March 12, 2007  by Admin
  In June 2007, all the world's geniuses will be flocking to Arusha. More than 1200 brain trusts, creative personalities, inventors and think-tanks, among them outstanding celebrities, are set to spend at least three days at the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge in Usa River, brainstorming on issues concerning the African continent as from the 4th to the 7th of June. This is going to be the first TED (Technology Entertainment Design) biannual global conference, to be held in Africa and will be running under the title, 'Africa the next chapter.'
125. Wolfowitz says Tanzania showpiece of Africa
  Monday, March 12, 2007  by Admin
  The World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz has said that Tanzania and Ghana hold the brightest chance to secure the showpiece of Africa in the not too distant future. He said both nations were among the world's best 10 improved countries and all the indicators pointed to an even brighter future for them. SOURCE: Guardian
126. Nomadic pastoralists acquire title deeds
  Monday, March 12, 2007  by Admin
  If there is one thing that nomadic pastoralists do not seem to need very much then it is surveyed plots of land. The pastoralists believe that all land belongs to them and they are free to roam it at will, grazing their abundant number of livestock en route.
127. Maonesho ya jumuia za kiraia bungeni Dodoma 200
  Friday, March 09, 2007  by Admin
  The Foundation for Civil Society ikishirikiana na ofisi Bunge na AZAKI zinapanga kufanya maonesho ya Jumuia za kiraia Bunge Dodoma kwa mwaka 2007.
128. Economic growth and value addition to low income livelihoods
  Thursday, March 08, 2007  by Admin
  Microfinance on its own is not enough to bring most people out of poverty. They need better livelihoods, and microfinance institutions may (or may not) have some role to play in helping them to acquire them.
129. TASAF sets aside 148m for development projects
  Thursday, March 08, 2007  by Admin
  About 148.2m will be spent by TASAF in support of six development projects in several villages in Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region during the current fiscal year. The Fund's District Coordinator Salim Mshana said the projects would include construction of classrooms for Kisangara Secondary School, Kifaru and M`bambua secondary schools. A modern market at Lomwe village of Usangi ward would also be built and a house for a nurse at Kikweni village dispensary.
130. Joint Assistant Strategy for Tanzania 2006
  Wednesday, March 07, 2007  by Admin
  The JAST is a national medium-term framework for managing development cooperation between the Government of Tanzania and Development Partners so as to achieve national development and poverty reduction goals. The overall objective of the JAST is to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction in line with the National Vision 2025 and the Zanzibar Vision 2020 by consolidating and coordinating Government efforts and Development Partners' support under a single Government-led framework.
131. Status Report 2006: Progress Towards the Goals for Growth, Social Well-being and Governance in Tanzania
  Tuesday, March 06, 2007  by Admin
  The Status Report 2006 provides an overview of the latest data available for indicators of progress towards the goals and targets of MKUKUTA's desired outcomes for poverty reduction in Tanzania. Cluster I: Growth and reduction of income poverty; Cluster II: Improvement of quality of life and social well-being; and
Cluster III Governance and accountability.

132. Government set for 428bn rural water project
  Monday, March 05, 2007  by Admin
  The government with the assistance of the World Bank, Africa Development Bank, European Union, the Netherlands, Germany and other international donors, will spend 428.8bn to implement an ambitious five year rural water project. The government targets to improve deep and shallow well drilling using advanced yet simple technology.
133. If this is development, you can keep it!!
  Monday, March 05, 2007  by Admin
  If this is development, you can keep it! The eight Millennium Development Goals range from halving extreme poverty to ensuring environmental sustainability, all by 2015. Every country and leading development institution in the world has approved them. This booklet is a collection of illustrated images on what ‘development’ means today.
134. Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment Launch of the 2006 Status Report
  Monday, March 05, 2007  by Admin
  The Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment is proud to announce the launch of the 2006 Status Report. The launch by the Honourable Minister Dr. Juma Ngasongwa, Minister for
Planning, Economy and Empowerment, will take place on 2nd March 2007, at 14.00 in the new Ministry of Finance conference room. The launch will include a technical presentation and discussion as well as distribution of copies of the report.
135. World Bank on Africa Economy
  Monday, March 05, 2007  by Admin
  Africa's economic performance since the mid 1990s is a mixture of remarkable progress, stagnation and where some countries have even seriously lagged behind, the World Bank disclosed in its African Development Indicators 2006 (ADI 2006) publication. Despite the increasingly diverse economic outcomes however, World Bank says that the continent made uniform progress in social outcomes such as health and education, and its pre capita income is also rising along the same levels as other developing nations.

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