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121. Glimmer of hope for Isles’ power blues
  Thursday, April 11, 2013  by Admin
  PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein has expressed optimism of speedy economic growth in the Isles following construction of 100MW marine cable.The completion of the project is believed that would help to end power rationing in Zanzibar.
122. Rotary to provide free ear moulds in Dar
  Thursday, April 11, 2013  by Admin
  ROTARY Club of Dar es Salaam has joined the Starkey Foundation of the United States in conducting a free Medical Hearing Aid Camp in Dar-es-Salaam.The service shall be offered at Buguruni School for the Deaf, where over 1,500 persons will be examined and free ear moulds will be provided to the needy.
123. Precision Air: Book online to cut costs
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  PRECISION Air (PW) said on Tuesday that people should book online to cut costs as most of the country’s ATM cards recognised by MasterCard or Visa could facilitate e-booking.
124. Exploit regional market, exporters told
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  EXPORTERS have been urged to maximise market opportunities available in East and Central Africa to attain more revenue sustainably and guarantee millions of producers in the region a reliable market.
125. TBC fence pulled down over encroachment claims
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  PARTS of Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) and some structures adjacent to Tanzania Standard (Newspaper) Limited (TSN) have been demolished, with claims that they are on a road reserve.
126. Telecoms outshine brewers in VAT remittances
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  VALUE Added Tax (VAT) from communication companies reached 288bn/- during 2011/2012 surpassing beer producers at 270bn/- during the same period, the National Assembly was told on Tuesday.
127. JK: Kenya’s peaceful transition historic
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete praised Kenyans for having conducted peaceful elections and turning the country around just five years after tragic post election violence that followed the 2007 vote.
128. Several charged over recent Kawe riots
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  TEN people have been charged with several criminal offences, including attacking police officials and damaging exhibits, following the invasion of a police station in Kawe area in Dar es Salaam last week.
129. REA power project to benefit 1,000 villagers
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  SOME 1,000 villages in the country will soon be connected to electricity through rural electrification projects being implemented by Rural Electrification Agency (REA) this year, it has been said.
130. Bagamoyo port construction censured
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  ZANZIBAR Revolutionary Government has been advised to convince their counterparts in the mainland to stop Bagamoyo port construction and instead build it in Zanzibar.
131. Ten water resources under construction countrywide
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  THE government has plans to construct ten water resources in the next financial year in various villages to reduce water problems among the community, Deputy Minister for Water, Dr Binilith Mahenge has said.
132. Eight NGOs seek to boost horticulture
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  EIGHT international and local organizations have teamed up to establish a special programme that will transform lives of peasants in four districts of Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions, from subsistence growers into large exporters of vegetables.
133. Minister defends investor in Manyara region
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  THE government has no plans to repossess plantations owned by investors and give them to small-scale farmers as doing so would discourage investors.
134. Tourism earns the country 1.3 million USD in 2011
  Wednesday, April 10, 2013  by Admin
  TANZANIA received 867,994 tourists in 2011 who earned the country revenues totalling 1.36 million US dollars (approximately 2.107 trillion), the National Assembly was told.
135. Many banks around ... have they failed?
  Tuesday, April 09, 2013  by Admin
  IN Tanzania, as in many other developing countries, banks play a predominant role in the financial sector of the country as far as mobilisation and allocation of financial resources is concerned.

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