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1. Internet Governance: Issues, Actors, Divides
  Saturday, June 17, 2006  
  Although Internet Governance deals with a major of the digital world, it cannot be handled with a digital "binary logic of true/false and good/bad. This publication does not try to provide definitive statements on Internet Governance issues but it aims to propose a practical framework for the analysis, discussion and resolution of the key problems in this field.
2. Remarks by Mrs Nane Annan at the Committee for UNIFEM, United States, Luncheon to Commemorate International Women's Day
  Tuesday, March 7, 2006  
  Remarks by Mrs Nane Annan at the Committee for UNIFEM, United States, Luncheon to Commemorate International Women's Day on 2 March 2006 at the Committee for UNIFEM, United States, Luncheon to Commemorate International Women's Day, New York, 2 March 2006.
3. Some thoughts on gender and telecommunications/ICT statistics and indicators
  Saturday, November 12, 2005  
  The paper emphasises the importance of gender disaggregated statistics and indicators in informing national and global ICT policies. Specifically, areas such as access and usage, content, employment, education, ICT telecommunication and policy, representation in decision-making.
4. Africa Grants Program
  Sunday, May 9, 2004  
  Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the U.S.A., The McKnight Foundation is a private philanthropic organization founded in 1953 by William L. McKnight and his wife, Maude L.McKnight. The McKnight Foundation supports programs that provide community and family services for those in need; preserve the environment; support the arts; and promote scientific research in selected areas. Most of the Foundation’s grants are awarded to organizations in the state of Minnesota
5. Tanzania: Women Empowerment For Poverty Alleviation
  Sunday, May 9, 2004  
  Women produce the bulk of Tanzania's staple food, maize. On average, each Tanzanian rural household (many of which are headed by women) produces half a ton of maize per year. Women are also the primary producers of the other main food crops (cassava, millet, sorghum, rice, pulses, vegetables and groundnuts) and significant producers of principal cash crops, namely cotton, sisal, tobacco, coffee and tea. For more information visit the above link.


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