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Youth are tired of being volunteers in a war against AIDS
Tanzania : ,

Youth from 9 countries including Tanzania who have participated in a dialogue on how to stop AIDS and keep the promise that took place through videoconference have said that they are tired being used as volunteers and hence they want their voiced being aired out in policy making. By Nyasigo Kornel

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Posted By: Nyasigo Kornel

Health Centers in Tanzania transform through the use of ICTs
Tanzania : ,

Undoubtedly healthcare institutions in Tanzania must strive together to further the interactive sharing of healthcare knowledge and information through newer and faster ways harnessing the ‘transformational’ potential of ICT can significantly enable the health sectors to transform their unstructured processes into automated routine transactions.

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Posted By: Nyasigo Kornel

Role of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) in managing HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
Tanzania : ,

Tanzania Global Development Centre (TGDLC) has organized constructive dialogue on the role of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) in managing HIV/AIDS. Our Traditional Healers take health as a state of social wholeness. Disease does not simply involve the malfunction of one or a collection of bodily organs. Rather it is a rupture in life's harmony.

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Posted By: Nyasigo Kornel

Traditional Healers proved Muhanse M4® as remedial alternative to ARVs
Dar es Salaam : ,

Clinical evidences given by the respondents who uses Muhanse M4® shows that Muhanse M4® has been effective to People Living With HIV/AIDS and hence has caused them to rely entirely on it.

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Posted By: Nyasigo Kornel

Tanzania Traditional Healers mark a success in treating opportunistic infection associated with HIV/AIDS
Tanzania : ,

The ratio of Medical Doctors to population in Tanzania is 1:20,000, while traditional healers are estimated at 1:350. Yet no effective care or vaccine against HIV infection to 2.2 million Tanzanians who are HIV positive, only 400,000 are planned to access ARV.

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Posted By: Nyasigo Kornel

Reduction of stigma among health workers during care giving to HIV/AIDS patients
Dar es Salaam : ,

Community members expect health centers to provide care that is of professional compassionate to the HIV/AIDS, but in contrary health care settings identifies as predominant locations where stigma occurs.

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Posted By: Nyasigo Kornel

Members of Parliament share knowledge accross Africa using ICT
Tanzania : ,

The purpose of the conference was to enhance the capacity of Members of Parliament to advocate for the prioritization of issues related to HIV/AIDS and children in national policies and legislation.

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Posted By: Charles Senkondo

New initiative on HIV/AIDS in the offing
Tanzania : ,

Two international companies, DHL and Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), will join forces to speed up accessibility of life prolonging drugs to AIDS patients in sub-Saharan Africa, including the Great Lakes Region.

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Posted By: Evonne Massawe

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