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Home | Tanzania Development Gateway - Frequently Asked Question

- General Information What is Tanzania Development Gateway?
- What is the mission of Tanzania Development Gateway?
- What is the short and long-term vision of Tanzania Development Gateway?

General Information

Q: What is Tanzania Development Gateway?

A: Tanzania Development Gateway is locally owned and managed public-private partnerships created to facilitate and catalyze the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for development. It represent the country dimension of the Development Gateway program and usually consist of a country-level portal along with other online and offline initiatives. The Gateway can undertake activities in areas such as e-government, e-business, e-learning, knowledge-sharing initiatives among development stakeholders, Internet services, and other activities provided that they are in line with the TzDG mission - contributing to the country's development. [top]

Q: What is the mission of Tanzania Development Gateway?

A: The Country Gateway mission is in line with that of the Development Gateway as a whole: To help communities, organizations, and individuals build partnerships, share ideas, and work together to reduce poverty. The Development Gateway portal works on the international level, while Tanzania Development Gateway apply the same principles at the country level. Tanzania Development Gateway aim to facilitate and catalyze innovative and effective use of the Internet and other information communication technologies (ICT) in government, business, and society in order to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. [top]

Q: What is the short and long-term vision of Tanzania Development Gateway?

A: A: In the short-term, The Gateway is envisioned as Internet portal that will promote the dissemination of comprehensive information on development and other country-level issues. As the Country Gateway gain technological sophistication and publicity, it will facilitate participation of local and professional communities in virtual discussion and best practice sharing. In the long term, it is hoped that the Gateway will expand from being Internet portal to act as facilitator developing the Internet economy in the country. The Gateway should also contribute to reducing the digital divide and take a lead in addressing and solving development issues in the country. [top]


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