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home | TzDG Editorial Policy
The editorial policy of Tanzania Development Gateway (TzDG) is balanced, and ethical.
In featuring content, TzDG will provide linkages to all relevant resources while most of the content, which is not yet published online, will be generated in house. Disclaimers will be displayed, where appropriate, to prevent any appearance that TzDG is endorsing any individual, institution, etc or particular point of view.

The TzDG content will be monitored by the the Project Team with the assistance of Content Editors, where Content Advisors drawn from the Content Working group and online main content contributors will advise the project as to TzDG's fairness and objectivity.

The general guidelines for selecting content to feature include these:
1. The content provides the user with up-to-date, accurate, balanced information about the development issues in Tanzania.
2. The content directs the user to information or interaction sites that feature useful, accurate, or helpful information.
3. The content is especially newsworthy and/or has been the subject of coverage by media organizations reporting on development issues in Tanzania.
4. The content is unique on the Internet in its relevancy, credibility, format, or style of its presentation.

Through links to other sites, TzDG will help to direct users to resources that meet the criteria above. The use of a links will not constitute an endorsement by TzDG of any organization, cause, person, product, or comment. Information and resources not directly provided by TzDG are used solely at the discretion of the individual and TzDG will make no representation or guarantee about their reliability, accuracy, or authenticity.

Content Management:
The overriding goal of the Tanzania Development Gateway is to ensure an open and distributed content system dedicated to quality and accuracy. The gateway uses a 'deferred publishing' approach, so that content suggested by users is reviewed prior to acceptance on the site. Selection of resources, issues, discussion topics, news, and technical data for the site is, to the extent possible, based on fact, careful analysis, and the needs of the Gateway audience. This challenge of coupling Internet technologies with sound human judgment in a manner that is both open and professionally sound is at the core of the Gateway’s editorial policy.


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