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31. Communication crash impedes regional development goals
  Thursday, July 24, 2014  by Admin
  Poor communication between Regional Commissioners and Administrative Secretaries has been described as the major factor behind the failure to attain targeted development goals. Zanzibar’s Second Vice President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi said this during the opening of a training for RCs and RAS, organised by Uongozi Institute in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
32. TTCL for standby internet restoration capacity facilities
  Thursday, April 04, 2013  by Admin
  TANZANIA is geared to assure constant connectivity of internet services in case of failure of Submarine Fibre-optic Cables linking the country with the rest of the world by setting up a standby restoration capacity.
33. Arusha Tech to train hydro-power experts
  Thursday, March 21, 2013  by Admin
  ARUSHA Technical College (ATC) is set to become the first institution in Africa to train experts in hydro-electricity using its own mini hydro-electric plant, according to ATC Principal Dr Richard Masika.
34. National Internet Governance Forum 2009
  Friday, August 07, 2009  by Admin
35. Business managers perform best with ICT solutions
  Tuesday, February 19, 2008  by Admin
  Successful managers in contemporary and stressful world of business are only those who fittingly integrate ICTs as part of their routine strategy for effective decision making. Because the field of ICTs is one of the most dynamic, executives have little or no options other than developing interest in learning modern computer technologies for better business management.
36. 8th EuroAfrica-ICT FP7 Awareness Workshop
  Monday, February 11, 2008  by Admin
  The 8 th EuroAfrica-ICT FP7 Awareness Workshop will be held on April 16 - 17 at the Peacock Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This 2 day event is a key component of the EuroAfrica-ICT initiative since it aims at connecting sub-Saharan African and European organisations for ICT partnerships in the European Union's framework programme, FP7 and to develop scientific and technological cooperation between the two regions.
37. Wami Broadband Project – RFP
  Tuesday, January 22, 2008  by Admin
  This is a request for proposals for development
cooperation issued by the "Tanzania ICT
for Rural Development Programme". ICT4RD can offer timely limited access to infrastructure resources that can be used for commercial service provisioning to a well-defined customer base in return for some sort of development cooperation, including, but not limited to, the examples discussed in this paper. Proposal due date is Friday, March 14, 2008 at 15:30, East Africa Time. This process is open to all infrastructure owners, local ISPs, Internet
connectivity providers, cable handling companies, equipment distributors and
maintainers, etc.
38. eMarketing
  Wednesday, January 16, 2008  by Admin
  eMarketing: A comprehensive course on developing and implementing an online marketing strategy. The course is designed to enable participants face the uncertain yet exciting prospects that accompany the Internet paradigm shift. It will provide you with the knowledge and competencies to develop an e-marketing, or more specific, an internet marketing strategy.
39. Nigeria Earmarks N3 Billion for African Countries
  Tuesday, January 15, 2008  by Admin
  Nigeria Technical Co-operation Fund (NTCF) in Abuja has said it would provide technical assistance worth $25 million to African countries. The money would be spent on mobilisation of African expertise, adding that projects to be executed with the funds would promote intra-African technical co-operation.
40. UN E-Government Survey 2008
  Monday, January 14, 2008  by Admin
  The results of the global survey indicate that governments are moving forward in egovernment development around the world. However, given the high demands placed by e-government on a multitude of foundational pillars which include prerequisites of infrastructure, appropriate policies, capacity development, ICT applications, and relevant content that need to be in place to fully implement e-government services, progress is slow.
41. A rural -urban digital divide? Regional aspects of internet use in Tanzania
  Monday, November 26, 2007  by Admin
  The digital divide is the gap between those with regular, effective access to digital
technologies, in particular the Internet, and those without. This article takes a closer
look at the digital divide within Tanzania. Based on a survey among Internet café users in rural, semi-urban and central regions of the country, we find that the divide is mainly a question of finding venues with technology to access the
42. Rural Communication Access Centres in Tanzania
  Monday, November 19, 2007  by Admin
  Access to the Internet in rural communities is provided through what is referred to in this paper as Rural Communication Access Centres (RCAs). Internet access is also provided via access points in schools, hospitals and offices of local government. This paper aims to raise awareness and contribute to sharing knowledge about the experiences and lessons learned with setting up and managing rural communication access centres, or telecentres, in Tanzania.
43. Mobile Phones Benefit Fishing Community
  Monday, November 19, 2007  by Admin
  Tanzanian fishermen have benefited a great deal from the use of mobile phones in doing business with local communities. A study conducted by two students from Upsalla University, Sweden, in collaboration with the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), has concluded that the use of mobile phones has improved the livelihood of the fishermen who had hitherto no reliable means of communication.
44. Bagamoyo town set to cash in on ICT meeting
  Monday, November 12, 2007  by Admin
  The historical township of Bagamoyo will see its tourism potentiality gaining international recognition as it hosts three days fifth international conferences on Open Access 2007 from Wednesday. The major goal of the event is to identify successful solutions and standards for access to networks, open up opportunities for universal access, as well as create awareness of sustainable business models for operating and maintaining such networks for considerations as best practices.
45. Civil Society calls for new governance to make internet accessible to Africans
  Monday, November 12, 2007  by Admin
  Civil society groups have called for new forms of corporate governance to develop the ICT infrastructure in Africa. These new forms should are to ensure the interests of all stakeholders, but above all, the interest of African consumers and citizens. Gathered to discuss the issue of connectivity, it was recognised that private investment and public private partnerships play a key role in the deployment of infrastructure in Africa.

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