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196. Africans cheer G8 debt relief plan
  Tuesday, June 14, 2005  by Admin
  Tanzania's Finance Minister Basil Mramba said his country appreciated the debt relief it currently got but wanted more. He said Tanzania spent 12 percent of its state budget -- a small fortune for a poor state -- servicing debt, cash that could be moved to other areas to grow the economy and improve lives.
197. 2005-2006 Budget Digest
  Monday, June 13, 2005  by Admin
  This report was prepared by the Policy Analysis Department, Ministry of Finance for easy understanding of the 2005/2006 budget structure.
198. Hotuba ya Waziri wa Fedha Mheshimiwa Basil P. Mramba - Mwaka 2005/2006
  Wednesday, June 08, 2005  by Admin

199. It is Budget Day
  Wednesday, June 08, 2005  by Admin
  The Minister of Finance, Basil Mramba will table in Parliament government expenditure proposals for the 2005/06 fiscal year, which starts on July 1. In the new fiscal year, the government has set aside 4 trillion/-. Of this figure, 523.2bn/- or 12.5 per cent of the gross domestic product, will be spent on debt servicing. Treasury is expected to receive the highest budgetary allocation, followed by the Ministry of Health (180.3bn/- ), Defence (156.1bn/- ), Ministry of Education (111.1bn/- ) and Police (96.8bn/).
200. Postal Bank launches debit card
  Thursday, April 14, 2005  by Admin
  The newly launched Tanzania Postal Bank Uhuru Debit Card aims at providing flexible and easier banking facility and do away with always dealing in cash transactions. The card is meant to reach rural communities through its 115 offices the bank has established through out the country.
201. Akiba Commercial Bank: A partner in womens efforts
  Thursday, April 14, 2005  by Admin
  The Akiba Commercial Bank was started with the vision of reaching and providing financial services to the lower side of the market. Today’s 70 % of Akiba’s services are micro finances. Mrs. Specioza Mashauri, the Deputy Marketing Manager says women take the lions share. Akiba commercial bank tailor-made micro finance services are mostly linked to women and the poor and as such, the bank has gone an extra mile in serving women and their micro small enterprises.
202. TNBC Executive Secretarys Report
  Friday, March 18, 2005  by Admin
  Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) is a consultative mechanism between government and the private sector. The secretariat has so far displayed its technical capacity and competence in organizaing and running consultative activities and will continue to augment the image of TNBC as a true agent of change.
203. TNBC Executive Committee Chairmans Report
  Friday, March 18, 2005  by Admin
  Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) is a consultative mechanism between government and the private sector. This is a summary report for TNBCs annual report which accounts for year ended 30th June 2004. It highlights the major strides in implementing its core programme of promoting a better investment climate.
204. Tanzania National Business Council Chairmans Message
  Friday, March 18, 2005  by Admin
  Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) is a consultative mechanism between government and the private sector. President Benjamin William Mkapa was the President of the Council and he speaks on the achievements gained and good progress made on the economic landscape.
205. President Mkapa to chair TNBC meeting tomorrow
  Monday, March 14, 2005  by Admin
  President Benjamin Mkapa will tomorrow officiate at Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) meeting for the last time as its chairman as his tenure comes to an end, officials announced last week.

TNBC is a consultative mechanism between government and the private sector, said the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) vice chairman, Leon Hooper in Dar es Salaam.
206. Strategy to Small and Medium Enterprises
  Wednesday, January 05, 2005  by Admin
  Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) has been given a mandate to develop SMEs . The National Entrepreneurship Development Fund (NEDF) will be administered by SIDO regional managers to give loans to SMEs in rural and urban areas to expand enterprises and start new businesses.
207. Business Women tackle obstacles with ICTs
  Monday, November 22, 2004  by Admin
  A project, Link-IT, is being launched to assist countries to meet the Millenium Development Goals by increasing participation of women in business. Some volunteers will assist in developing websites and conducting ICT trainings for women entrepreneurs.
208. Tanga gets business information centre
  Monday, October 04, 2004  by Admin
The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) launched a business information centre in Tanga over the weekend, reports George Sembony of PST Tanga.

209. Standard Chartered lands Top Bank Award
  Wednesday, September 29, 2004  by Admin
  The London-based Financial Times magazine, The Banker, has voted Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania Limited (SCBT) as the Bank of the Year for the third consecutive year.
210. A ray of sunshine for Kigoma EPZs
  Wednesday, September 29, 2004  by Admin
  Plans to construct Export Processing Zones (EPZs) in Kigoma region to cater for exports’ needs in the neighbouring countries is likely to take-off following regional strategies to put up a power generation project which will provide reliable electricity in and around the region.


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