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  Monday, September 27, 2004  by Admin
  From earliest times herbal remedies have been used to treat diseases. Knowledge is usuually, explained orally from one generation to the next. Although it is sometimes claimed that traditional and folk-remedy herbs are safer than modern pharmaceutical drugs, they are not without their risk.
242. What is Malaria?
  Sunday, September 26, 2004  by Admin
  Malaria is an infectious disease characterized by cycles of chills, fever, and sweating, caused by a parasite transmitted by a host mosquito. Previously extremely widespread, the malaria is now mainly confined to Africa, Asia and Latin America. This document also includes Malaria preventitive measures as well as a recipe to a homemade mosquito repellant.
243. People Living with HIV/AIDS, Rights and Responsibilities
  Sunday, September 26, 2004  by Admin
  Many infected people have been rejected by families members due to various stigmas and fears related to HIV/AIDS. The article lists down some rights and responsibilities that PWHLA should be given.
244. BEWARE DIABETES: Not only a disease for the rich-On the rise in Tanzania
  Wednesday, July 21, 2004  by Admin
  Fast-changing lifestyle in urban areas has pushed the rate of diabetes up from one to six per cent of the population in the last ten years, with Dar es Salaam leading the tally. A number of reports released lately on diabetes and growing alarm among diabetes specialists, suggest that the disorder is a looming health concern for many people in the country. What should also be noted is that few people take the disease seriously and have regular check-ups, let alone try to adopt a healthier lifestyle....
245. Merexrani: Establishment of a Youth Centre Offering Advice in the Area of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) to Adolescents Working in the Mines
  Tuesday, July 20, 2004  by Admin
  The project aim is to improve the situation of the out-of-school children and youth in respect to reproductive health (RH) and HIV/Aids issues by establishing a youth centre. The youth centre is viewed as a drop-in centre where the youth can meet and receive education and counselling on issues related to reproductive health (RH) and HIV/Aids. They also get information and assistance on alternative means of making a living other than engaging in sexual activities, which put them at risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted pregnancies and HIV/Aids.
246. AIDS experts warn stigma on increase
  Tuesday, July 20, 2004  by Admin
  On the final day of the 15th International AIDS Conference, experts yesterday warned of dangers of HIV-related stigma and discrimination, arguing that such factors discourage people from coming forward to learn their HIV status and from taking precautions to protect others from possible infection....
247. Cervical cancer cases alarming - Research
  Tuesday, July 20, 2004  by Admin
  On average 70 per cent of all women who attended the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) are diagnosed with cervical cancer, a group of three-cancer expert from the institute have revealed...

248. Eight per cent of Tanzanians affected by iodine deficiency
  Tuesday, July 20, 2004  by Admin
  Ten years since commencement of the campaign to ensure consumption of iodized salt, at least eight per cent of the population in the country still suffers from an iodine deficiency disease known as Goitre....
249. Circumcision rescue operation fails in Tanzania
  Monday, July 19, 2004  by Admin
  Efforts to save girls from the outlawed practice of female genital mutilation, (otherwise known as female circumcision), in Tanzania’s Mara Region in late 2001 have failed....

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