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Home | Tanzania Business Portal - Tanzania Business Guide

The Tanzania Business Portal provides business and market guides for local and international business people, entrepreneurs, investors and the business community in general. The portal is aimed at enhancing the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country through provision of up to date market opportunities in the world, and provision of online products which all contribute to effective participation in the digital global economy.
The portal comprises business guide, which outlines the best practice in doing business in Tanzania as well export and import procedures. Other information includes business support services, importers and exporters database, trade fairs and exhibitions, trade associations, business news highlights and forums.

For information on the Tanzania Business Guide please go through the following chapters:

  • Tanzania Business Environment
  • How to Register a Business
  • How to Obtain a Business License
  • How to Import in Tanzania
  • How to Export from Tanzania
  • Business Laws
  • How to Pay Taxes
  • SMEs Competitive Improvement and Trade Support Services
  • Trade Points and other Trade Support Institutions
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • How to Obtain Financial Assistance
  • Enterprise Development
  • Trade and Investment Agreements
  • Regional Trading Blocks and International Cooperation
  • Chamber of Commerce and Trade Points around the World
  • Guidelines to Writing a Business Plan
    Tanzania Business Portal
    Tanzania Business Guide
    Business Support Services
    Business-SMEs Associations
    Micro-Credit Institutions
    Trade Fairs / Exhibitions
    Exporters and Importers Database
    Importers Database
    Exporters Database
    How to Import in Tanzania
    How to Export from Tanzania
    Post Your Entity
    Buy Tanzania Products
    Mninga Furniture
    Dina Flowers







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