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  This section provides a summary on the procedures and requirements for import facilitation. It also explains about the release of goods from customs.

Obtain a Business license:
An importer is required to have a valid business license in order to conduct any business; such a license is obtained from the city/town council. The license is valid for one year.

Produce copy of an import declaration form
An importer has to obtain Import Declaration Form (IDF) from their Bankers. This serves like an import license. This form is sold at US $ 10. Some products require special clearance/approval from relevant authority for certain sensitive products e.g. drugs, firearms, etc. Therefore an importer has to ensure that such permissions are obtained.

Import documentation/processing:
As a first step an importer receives from a supplier an invoice and bill of lading. Then the following movements:

Other requirements:
Payment of 1.2% of FOB value must be paid to Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) Company for goods worth US $ 5,000 and above. There are some exceptions for some goods e.g. gold, art, military equipment, and personal effects.

Securing Important Documents/Process:

  • Obtain a Tax Assessment Notice (TAN) from PSI companies/ Customs office.

  • Pay assessed fees at a commercial bank as per TAN.

  • Obtain bill of lading from a shipping agent (if not yet obtained).

  • Obtain Delivery and Disposal Order (D&DO) from Tanzania Harbours Authority.

  • Obtain acknowledgement from customs that all necessary documents have been lodged.

  • Checking by customs officials on documents, import declaration forms, bill of lading, commercial invoice, CRF, TAN, pay-in-slip, ocean freight certificate, parking list, disposal order of Tanzania Harbours Authority (THA).

  • Obtain assessment of charges from THA, Customs Wharfage, Storage and Handling Fees. Make Payments.

  • Release of goods:

  • Customs officers will physically inspect goods and then issue a Release Order.

  • The importer takes the Release Order to THA where a gate pass is issued for taking out the goods.

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For further information please contact:

Customs and Exercise Dept
Mapato House
P.O. Box 9053
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255 22 212 7783-4/ 211 7765
Fax: 211 6640
Website: www.



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