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  Obtain a Business license:
Exporters are required to obtain a valid trading/business license from the city/town council where the business will be conducted. The license is valid for one year.

Obtain an Export License/Permit:
Some products require specific license/permit from the Government departments/institutions or a controlling body legally empowered to do so, exporters therefore have to contact the following:

  • Forest department for Forestry products

  • Fisheries department for Fisheries products

  • Wildlife department for Wildlife products

  • Mining department for Minerals/Gemstone products

  • Marketing Boards for Coffee, Tobacco, Cotton, Sisalfibre, Raw Tea, and Raw Pyrethrum.

  • Ministry of Agriculture for Food (staple) products.


Once an exporter has obtained an order from a buyer abroad and an agreement has been reached to export goods to the buyer and mode of shipment determined, the following steps are necessary:

Shipment by air:
The exporter applies for an export license/permit for the export product if it falls under the above-mentioned product groups otherwise other products call no license.
After confirmation of cargo space an airway bill is prepared by the carrier or its agent on presentation of the following:

  • A commercial invoice,

  • An export license/permit (if required),

  • Technical documents (if required) on health, quality, weight, certificate of origin etc

  • Process a Single Bill of Entry (SBE) by attaching all the above documents at the customs long room. A customs release/approval is obtained.

  • Goods are taken to the Airport for air freighting vide the cleared documents by customs

Shipment by sea:

  • Apply/obtain a license/permit (if required).

  • Apply/obtain technical documents for your product

  • Apply for shipping space to an agent/shipping company

  • Then obtain a single bill of entry from customs, complete it and then attach all the previous or required documents for processing the SBE at the long room.

  • A shipping company/agent will finally prepare a bill of lading after accomplishing customs verification/approval, port charges and procedures, cargo loading (FOB).

New procedures for Payment of Duty and Taxes on PSI Consignments:

As from 1st November 2000, payment of duty and taxes on PSI consignments has been made according to the following procedures:

  • On receiving a request for an SBE from the importer, the Inspection Agent (IA) shall give three copies of the SBE printed on non-security paper. For ease of identity this printout shall be stamped "Tax Assessment Notice" (TAN).

  • The importer shall go to the relevant bank and pay the assessed duties and taxes.

  • The bank shall stamp the three copies of TAN and give one copy back to the importer along with a receipt of payment.

  • The importer shall return to IA and present the stamped copy and the bank receipt.

  • The IA shall keep the stamped copy and a copy of the receipt for their record and issue to the importer an SBE printed on security paper.

  • The importer shall use the SBE printed on security paper for clearance of good as usual.

  • Twice a day the IA shall collect one of the copies retained by the bank for bank reconciliation.

  • The IA shall issue two daily reports to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), one with the list of TANs issued to importers and one with a list of paid up SBEs. Once weekly the IA shall issue to the TRA a report with a list of TANs for which no payment has been made.

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For further information please contact:

Tanzania Harbours Authority (THA)
Tanzania Harbours Authority
P. O. Box 9184
Dar es Salaam.
Tel: 255 22 2110401/9/2117816
Fax: 255 22 2113938/2113432


Tanzania Central Freight Bureau (TCFB)
P. O. Box 3093
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255-22-2130957/2114174/2115579/2135081

National Shipping Agency Company Ltd (NASACO)
P. O. Box 62230
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255-22 2123020



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