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1. Policy on Women in Development in Tanzania
  Saturday, November 12, 2005  
  This policy highlights the current situation of women in Tanzania, the rationale of formulating the policy and finally the goals the policy wishes to achieve on women development.
2. Tanzania Women must rise in Media
  Saturday, May 15, 2004  
  Lack of enough women journalists at the decision making positions within the media fraternity hampers efforts to uplift Tanzanian women in general to an equal position with men in the society. Open the link above for more information.
3. Mechanisms to promote the advancement of women
  Saturday, May 15, 2004  
  The Department for Women and Children was established in 1985 in the Ministry of Community Development, Women and Children, on the Mainland, with the mandate to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Women and Development Policy, specifically addressing: ways and means of reducing women's workloads, improving their health and increasing productivity.Click the link above.
4. Policy Planning and Research.
  Saturday, May 15, 2004  
  The establishment of a strong WID Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, capable of carrying out substantive analysis and action on gender issues in agriculture· Clear policies and strategies on the promotion of women's advancement in agriculture· Gender-disaggregated data and base-line information on women's contribution to agriculture· Increased research on gender issues in agriculture. Visit the page above.
5. Policy Project.
  Saturday, May 15, 2004  
  Since 2001, there has been a reinvigorated approach on the part of Tanzanian government and civil society in seriously addressing the epidemic. The formation of the Tanzanian AIDS Commission (TACAIDS), along with increased open dialogue about the epidemic, has resulted in the creation of several civil society groups and networks to further the debate and direct action. POLICY will work with the Tanzania Parliamentarian’s AIDS Coalition (TAPAC) to assist with its mission to mobilize members of Parliament around the AIDS issue.Open the link above.

6. Policy advocacy: the case of Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA), (2000)
  Sunday, May 9, 2004  
  Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) has been singled out in this case study because it has demonstrated an impressive capacity in policy advocacy in Tanzania. This study demonstrates the extent to which TAMWA has interacted with government to promote good governance. The main objective of the paper is to shed light on organizational capacity of Tanzania's civil society organizations in general and women organizations in particular in promoting public awareness on critical societal issues and in advocating and lobbying for policy changes and thus contributing to good governance. For more detail visit the site above.


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